Sundays School (10 a.m.)

The Workshop Rotation Model allows children to gain a deep understanding of the Bible by exploring one story per month.  Each week children engage in the Bibsle story of the month through a variety of workshops including art, drama, music, cooking, science, games, and video.  As a result, children experience improved Bible literacy, greater anticipation for Sunday School, and the opportunity to learn through the use of multiple intelligences.

Children’s Church (9 a.m.)

Children 3rd grade and older are requested to please stay with their parents in the sanctuary during worship. Children’s Church is geared toward our younger children. Children wishing to attend Children’s Church should come with their parents to the start of the service and following the Children’s sermon they will be escorted upstairs to the 3rd floor by the teacher. The children are brought back to their parents in Fellowship Hall before the end of the service.

The Grow, Proclaim, Serve! curriculum incorporates Bible stories, activities, crafts, media, and games into a full faith experience for children, allowing them to develop skills to unlock the Bible message and grow their faith by leaps and bounds.  As children grow in mind and body, they also grow in heart and soul as this curriculum noursishes and enriches them in ways that give them the tools to proclaim the good news of God’s love and serve God and neighbor.

Wednesdays (6 p.m.)
Join us on Wednesday nights from September thru May for food, fun and unique fellowship as “Kids for Christ Club” (4 yrs.* to 2nd grade) and “We-Tweens” (3rd, 4th & 5th grade) groups continue to learn about God! Many surprises and fun activities are planned for these two groups!

~ Nursery is always available during regular Sunday morning and Wednesday night programming. ~

*Children must be old enough to participate in a four-year-old class in preschool to be old enough to participate in KFCC. The curriculum is not geared toward younger children. We regret that we cannot make exceptions this year. Please understand this rule has to be followed for the enjoyment and safety of all our children.